• The selection of gas and pressure during fiber laser cutting

    When the fiber laser cutting machine is cutting, different cutting gases are selected according to the material of the cutting plate. Therefore the choice of gas and pressure has a great impact on the quality of fiber laser cutting machines. What are the auxiliary gases used in fiber laser cuttin...
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  • Which industries can fiber laser cutting machine be used in?

    Fiber laser cutting machine is a new type of cutting machine newly invented in the international market in recent years. This cutting machine has an absolute advantage in both cutting speed and mechanical volume. Today we will talk about the advantages of fiber laser cutting machines and their ap...
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  • What materials can the laser welding machine weld?

    Today the most advanced welding technology in the world is laser welding. The laser welding machine uses high-energy laser pulses to locally heat the material in a small area. The energy of the laser radiation diffuses into the material through heat conduction, and the material is melted to form ...
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  • How to use laser cutting machine to cut high-quality workpieces

    When using a laser cutting machine to cut thicker or higher precision parts, the cutting process requirements are relatively high, so what are the factors that affect the cutting quality of the laser cutting machine?   1. The thickness of the metal material With the development of fiber opti...
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  • How to choose a laser cutting machine according to the needs of enterprises?

    After years of development, laser cutting machines have more derived types, and their functions and performance have been continuously strengthened and upgraded to become more humane. At present, the types of laser cutting machines that we are familiar with and commonly used include CO2 laser cut...
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  • Classification of UV laser marking machine?

    Now there are more and more laser marking machine in the market,such as UV laser marking machine,fiber laser marking machine,CO2 laser marking machine.Today we will introduce different powers of UV laser marking machine and get into the knowledge of classification of the machine. The following kn...
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  • Factors affecting weld quality of laser welding machine?

    The laser welding machine can not only improve work fficiency, but also make the finished workpieces look beautiful, with small weld seams, 1arge welding depth and high welding quality. How to ensure the welding quality of laser welding machine, in fact, there are many factors that affect the qua...
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  • How does fiber laser marking machine work?

    Compared with CO2 laser marking machine and YAG laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine is in the leading position in 1aser marking technology- In other words, the fiber 1aser marking system represents the ultimate technology of laser marking with its extremely compact function and str...
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  • How to choose and buy laser marking machine?

    Laser marking beyond a doubt is the most flexible and simple means of direct part identification or serialization available today. The ability to mark on a host of different materials by simply changing various parameters, offers an unsurpassed control, flexibility, quality and speed versus other...
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  • How does CO2 laser marking machine work?

    Before making the final decision to purchase laser equipment, we need to know what we want to do with this machine. The market is full of various CO2 laser marking machines, we must make the best choice for future work. To know what a laser can do, we need to know how a CO2 laser marking machine ...
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  • What is composition principle of fiber laser marking machine?

    The main working principle of the fiber laser marking machine is to mark the fiber laser beam on the surface of various materials including metals and some non-metals in the form of various patterns, signs or other labels. These traces are permanent and will not disappear with the passage of time...
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  • Fiber Laser Applications: Laser Cleaning

    Fiber Laser Applications: Laser Cleaning Laser Cleaning is an important process for many industries around the world, and while it has similarities to other laser processes, it has some unique principles and fundamentals which set it apart. This article explores how Fiber Laser cleaning works, th...
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