• Laser marking on transparent polymer

      Laser marking, also called laser engraving, refers to using a laser to make a readable mark on an object. Unlike traditional marking or engraving techniques, laser marking does not involve the use of inks or tool bits which come in contact with the target surface and need to be regularly r...
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  • Application of laser marking machine in sanitary industry

    Nowadays, in daily life, the shadow of laser equipment production is everywhere, which has a wide range of applications in life.Today, as a laser marking machine manufacturer, we will talk in detail about the application of marking machine in sanitary products industry. Sanitary ware is closely r...
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  • Fiber Laser Cleaning – A more modern cleaning process

    Fiber laser cleaning is one of the more modern versions of the cleaning process and has rapidly replaced more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting or media blasting due to the numerous benefits that it provides. It offers these benefits as it works in a significantly different way to the ...
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  • Laser Marking Machine Can Satisfy UDI Requirements

    Unique Device Identifier (UDI) is intended to improve patient safety and increase accountability for manufacturers of medical devices in case of an adverse event. Laser marking is an effective and biocompatible method to keep manufacturers fully compliant with these new labeling requirements. The...
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  • Laser application in the furniture industry

    The research of laser technology started in the middle of the last century. After more than half a century of continuous development and improvement, the practicality is getting higher and higher. Various lasers are widely used in medical, tools, printing, shoes, crafts manufacturing and other in...
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  • Application of laser cutting technology in glass

    Glass is an important industrial material. It has a long history in China for thousands of years. It not only enriches our life world, but also promotes the development of civil society. At present, glass has been applied in many industries of the national economy, such as the automotive industry...
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  • Laser technology application in the kitchen and bathroom industry

    From the traditional offline retail to the escalation of e-commerce warfare, from the simple pursuit of quantity growth to the pursuit of quality process guarantee, from the traditional processing technology to the application of emerging laser technology, the entire home appliance industry is un...
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  • The super killer in the mobile phone industry laser cutter marker ergraver

    In the second half of 2017, from the iPhone X face recognition on using the laser sensor, the laser has become a super killer in the mobile phone industry. While Apple follows up on drones, lidar has also begun to be hotly debated by the media. It seems that black technology has become indissolub...
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  • The important technology applied in sheet metal processing – laser cutting

    The sheet metal processing has been widely used in almost all walks of life and the technologies that can be found in cutting sheet metal (below 6mm) include laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, plate shearing machine and punching etc.. Among them, the laser cutting technology that risen...
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  • Six points to choose the fiber laser cutting machine for 2021

    Due to the emergence of fiber laser cutting machines, the application of laser technology has been subverted. Laser cutting machines is not an original luxury but have been widely used in various industries. Now when you want to buy a fiber laser cutting machine, there will be Dozens of suppliers...
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  • How to choose a pipe laser cutting machine

    Pipe cutting includes tube blank breaking, pipe wall cutting, grooving, and machining various intersecting line shapes at the end of the pipe structure. Commonly used are cold working methods, hot working methods and grinding wheel cutting. For small batches, it is the first choice to adopt the c...
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  • How to choose a good fiber laser marker

    Firstly, determine what kind of product you want to mark, then you can decide to buy what kind of laser marking machine, for each material has its own best laser marking machine. Now, there are many kinds of laser marking machines are free to choose for us. For example, Feiquan laser marking mach...
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