• Causes and solutions for burnt edges in laser cutting machine processing

    Causes and solutions for burnt edges in laser cutting machine processing

    Analysis of the Causes of Burning Edges in Metal Laser Cutting Machine Processing Laser cutting of sheet metal parts produces burnt edges and slagging. The laser cutting process of sheet metal parts will generate a lot of heat. Under normal circumstances, the heat generated by cutting will diffus...
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  • 6 notices you need to know about laser cutting typesetting

    Corner melting When cutting the corners of thin steel plates at reduced speed, the laser will overheat and melt the corners. Generate a small radius at the corner to maintain the high-speed laser cutting, avoid the phenomenon of overheating and melting of the steel plate when cutting the corner, ...
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  • Laser marking machine in battery industry

    In modern households, the battery usage is increasing, and a large number of counterfeit and inferior batteries have also poured into the market, which has really deceived some customers who do not discern authenticity. In this way, on the one hand, the fake battery has a short life, low voltage ...
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  • The importance of laser marking machine in PCB industry

    Printed circuit board (PCB), as the “mother of electronic products”, is basically the upstream of all consumer electronic devices, whether it is mobile phones, computers, tablets, monitors, etc., all use circuit boards, which are a key component in today’s electronic component i...
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  • Cooling system of laser welding machine

    The refrigeration system is one of the key components of the laser welding machine. If the refrigeration system has common failures, it will cause the machine equipment to stop running, and more serious or even very likely to have crystal rods. Therefore, the necessity of refrigeration system for...
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  • Distinguishments between water cooling and air cooling of laser marking machine

    Laser marking machine manufacturers choose water-cooled or air-cooled for cooling. The key lies in the output power of the machine and equipment. The function of water-cooling and air-cooling is  same, and they are all refrigeration functions to ensure the normal operation of the laser marking ma...
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  • Application of laser welding in automotive industry

    Laser welding machine show various advantages of integrity in the manufacturing process of automotive complex, and the old process of comparison, highlights the laser welding machine flexibility, superior operation, safety and economic benefits. The flexibility of laser welding machine meets the ...
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  • Laser marking on transparent polymer

      Laser marking, also called laser engraving, refers to using a laser to make a readable mark on an object. Unlike traditional marking or engraving techniques, laser marking does not involve the use of inks or tool bits which come in contact with the target surface and need to be regularly r...
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  • Application of laser marking machine in sanitary industry

    Nowadays, in daily life, the shadow of laser equipment production is everywhere, which has a wide range of applications in life.Today, as a laser marking machine manufacturer, we will talk in detail about the application of marking machine in sanitary products industry. Sanitary ware is closely r...
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  • Fiber Laser Cleaning – A more modern cleaning process

    Fiber laser cleaning is one of the more modern versions of the cleaning process and has rapidly replaced more traditional methods such as dry-ice blasting or media blasting due to the numerous benefits that it provides. It offers these benefits as it works in a significantly different way to the ...
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  • Laser Marking Machine Can Satisfy UDI Requirements

    Unique Device Identifier (UDI) is intended to improve patient safety and increase accountability for manufacturers of medical devices in case of an adverse event. Laser marking is an effective and biocompatible method to keep manufacturers fully compliant with these new labeling requirements. The...
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  • Laser application in the furniture industry

    The research of laser technology started in the middle of the last century. After more than half a century of continuous development and improvement, the practicality is getting higher and higher. Various lasers are widely used in medical, tools, printing, shoes, crafts manufacturing and other in...
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